From prenatal to postpartum, your benefits are designed to support you through each stage of your pregnancy.

We’re committed to providing you with everything you need to support a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Pregnancy Care Incentive Program

The Pregnancy Care Incentive Program* offers expectant mothers support and incentives throughout their pregnancy. After completing the Blue Health Assessment and verifying your first prenatal visit with your healthcare provider, you’ll be eligible to earn a Pregnancy Care Box with items that can support you during your pregnancy and $75 on your MyBlue® Wellness Card.

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Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

To support your health and wellness as well as your baby’s, it’s important to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Prenatal care and vitamins, proper nutrition and regular visits with healthcare professionals will help support a healthy pregnancy.

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Dos and Don’ts

When pregnant, there are recommended activities and others that you should avoid. Routine exercise and increased water consumption are helpful, while alcohol, raw meat and smoking are best to be avoided. 

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To-Do List

During the first, second and third trimester, there are many things you can do to promote good health and prepare for the arrival of your baby. Whether it’s scheduling your first prenatal appointment or preparing a hospital bag, make sure you’re ready to go.

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Get Breastfeeding Support

If you need information or help breastfeeding, we cover breastfeeding education and individual coaching by a certified lactation consultant. Pregnant or nursing members can also get a free breast pump kit and milk storage bags at 1-800-262-7890.

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Tobacco Cessation

As part of your pregnancy planning, it is important to become tobacco-free if you use tobacco products. You may qualify for a Tobacco Cessation benefit that waives your cost share for certain prescription drugs and over-the-counter tobacco cessation medications when you use a Preferred pharmacy.

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Helpful Resources

We’ve put together a list of resources that provide additional information on maintaining a healthy pregnancy. 

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View 2020 Rates and Compare Plans

See a side-by-side comparison of our benefits for Standard Option, Basic Option and FEP Blue Focus.

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Have Questions About Your Pregnancy?

Call the Nurse Line at 1-888-258-3432. We have well-trained, caring professionals ready to answer questions about your pregnancy 24/7. As always, call 911 in an emergency.

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*You must be 18 or older on a Standard or Basic Option plan to earn this reward.

Thank You for Being a Caregiver
We pledge to honor and support all caregivers who are vitally needed at this time. Because we’re in this together. You can learn more here.

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