Ways to Earn Incentives

Discover all the ways members can earn wellness incentives and rewards for taking an active role in their health.

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: You can now use incentive dollars on your MyBlue® Wellness Card to pay for over-the-counter medication. Learn more here.

We know it’s not always easy taking charge of your health. That’s why we reward members who take steps to get healthy or manage a chronic illness with wellness incentives.

Wellness Incentive Program

There are two primary ways to earn wellness incentives*:

  • The first step is taking the Blue Health Assessment (BHA), a quick snapshot of your current health. You’ll get a personalized action plan plus earn $50.
  • Then you can earn up to an additional $120 when you complete eligible goals with the Online Health Coach.
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Diabetes Management Incentive Program

You may be eligible to earn up to $100 for taking steps to manage your type 1 or type 2 diabetes, such as having your A1c tested and getting nutritional counseling1.

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Hypertension Management Program

When we receive a hypertension-related claim for you, you may be eligible to receive a free blood pressure monitor2.

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Routine Annual Physical Incentive Program

FEP Blue Focus members can earn rewards for having their first routine physical of the year4.

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Pregnancy Care Incentive Program

When you're expecting, you can earn a free Pregnancy Care Box filled with helpful items. You can also earn $75 after visiting your doctor in the first three months of pregnancy1.

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Tobacco Cessation Incentive Program

If you use tobacco, you can set a goal to quit to be eligible to receive prescription and/or over-the-counter tobacco cessation products at no cost3.

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*You must be 18 or older and the contract holder or spouse on a Standard or Basic Option plan to earn this reward.

1You must be 18 or older on a Standard or Basic Option plan to earn this reward.

2You must be 18 or older to receive this benefit.

3You must meet age requirements for prescribed tobacco cessation drugs to receive this benefit.

4You must be 18 or older and the contract holder or spouse on an FEP Blue Focus plan to earn this reward.

MyBlue® Wellness Card

Any rewards earned will be loaded onto your MyBlue Wellness Card. You can use these funds to pay for qualified medical expenses such as doctor’s office copays, prescriptions, glasses and contact lenses, lab fees and more.

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