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8 Easy and Healthy Grocery Swaps

Out-of-stock items at the grocery store can throw a wrench in your meal plan. Instead of looking elsewhere, use this opportunity to add new flavors and nutrition to your diet. You can find many of your favorite recipes online that specifically use alternative healthier ingredients. Here are some healthy, handy swaps:

  1. Swap tofu for scrambled eggs. Scrambled tofu has roughly 40% fewer calories than scrambled eggs. To prepare, simply drain the excess water from the tofu, break it up in a hot skillet and add seasoning.

  2. Swap jackfruit for shredded meat. Jackfruit is high in fiber, low in calories and has a similar texture to shredded meat. Cook it up in a savory seasoning like chipotle or barbecue sauce for the full effect.

  3. Swap spaghetti squash for pasta. Once cooked, the inside of this squash turns spaghetti-like. To make it yourself, slice a spaghetti squash in half lengthwise and roast face down in the oven until soft. Use a fork to scrape out the insides. One cup of spaghetti squash has just 42 calories while one cup of pasta has 239 calories.

  4. Swap collard greens for tortillas. Collard greens have about 90% fewer calories and carbs than white flour tortillas.

  5. Swap cauliflower rice for white rice. Cauliflower rice is lower in carbs and calories than white rice. You can buy it at some grocery stores or make it yourself by grating washed cauliflower and drying it afterward.

  6. Swap unsweetened apple sauce for sugar. Replace 1½-parts applesauce for 1-part sugar. You’ll still have the sweetness but with 80% fewer calories.

  7. Swap frozen bananas for ice cream. Bananas make a healthy replacement for ice cream thanks to their soft, smooth texture. To make it, blend frozen ripe bananas until creamy, then add your favorite toppings.

  8. Swap a 50/50 mushroom burger blend for burgers. Reduce your meat consumption by mixing lean ground beef and chopped mushrooms to make burgers. You’ll add savory flavor while reducing the amount of fat, calories and sodium.

You can also try these swaps even when your grocery store is well-stocked. Who knows—you might find you like one of these healthier alternatives more than their counterpart. If you’re looking for more ways to eat healthy, remember that you can get nutritional counseling through telehealth. As an FEP member, you pay nothing for nutritional counseling provided by Teladoc® or a Preferred provider.

Published on: July 02, 2020