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Get the most out of your Service Benefit Plan coverage with Medicare.

When you’re an active federal employee, the Service Benefit Plan is typically your primary coverage, which means we pay for your healthcare services first. When you retire and have Medicare, it typically becomes your primary coverage and they pay first. If you decide to combine your Medicare and Service Benefit Plan coverage, we’ll pay for covered services not covered by Medicare.

When you receive care, you should show your providers both your Service Benefit Plan member ID card and your Medicare member ID card. This helps to ensure we process your claims correctly.

Finding a Provider

Medicare has its own network of Participating providers who accept Medicare’s assignment or payment. When you visit a provider (regardless of if they accept Medicare’s assignment), we’ll pay the difference between what Medicare pays and what you owe the provider.* You can see which providers are in Medicare’s network at

*Note: Basic Option and FEP Blue Focus members must see a Preferred provider in our network. Standard Option members can see providers outside of our network.

Medicare and Blue

It’s important to understand all of your options. Our guide can help you learn more about combining Medicare coverage with the Service Benefit Plan.

Download the Guide

Ways to save and earn rewards

As a Service Benefit Plan member, you may get access to more programs and resources that can help you save money or earn rewards, such as:

Wellness Incentive Program

Routine Annual Physical Incentive Program

Diabetes Management Incentive Program

Hypertension Management Program


Discount Drug Program


Please note: The Medicare information on this page focuses on the Original Medicare Plan and when Medicare Part A and Part B are your primary coverage, unless otherwise noted. The Service Benefit Plan information refers to Standard Option, Basic Option and FEP Blue Focus.

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