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Five Tips for a Healthier Fridge

When you’re trying to eat healthy and clean, good food usually starts at home: In your fridge. These tips can help you eat better, store food longer and stay organized and on track with your weekly meal plan.

  1. Store fresh fruit in the front, center of your fridge. It’ll be the first thing you see when you open the doors, and will encourage healthy snacking.

  2. Ditch bottled salad dressings, which can be full of preservatives, hidden sugar and artificial ingredients. Instead, make your own. For a simple salad-dressing base, mix up two parts oil and one part vinegar. Then, customize it with your favorite herbs and spices. 

  3. Label leftovers for easy recognition. Stick a label or piece of masking tape onto bowls filled with leftovers. Mark what’s in the container, including the date that you made it. 

  4. Wrap cheese tightly in waxed paper—not plastic wrap. Cheese needs to breathe. Wrapping it with waxed paper and securing with tape will help keep it fresher longer. 

  5. If your fridge has an egg shelf on the door, don’t use it. The door is one of the warmest places of the fridge. It’s a great place for condiments and other less-perishable items. To keep eggs, store them on a middle shelf near the rear.

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Published on: March 10, 2016