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Noise and Air Pollution’s Impact on Heart Disease

Genetics can make a person more prone to heart disease. Studies show that environmental factors also play an important role.

Noise affects different parts of your body. Even minor noise like traffic can cause increases in blood pressure and heart rate. This is likely from the release of stress hormones.  A review conducted for the World Health Organization found that noise from road traffic increases a person’s risk of heart disease by 8% for every 10 decibels of noise.

Similarly, fuel from vehicles in traffic can produce a significant amount of air pollution. This can cause damage in a variety of ways. In the short term it can cause the stiffening of arteries and increased blood clotting. And in the longer term, it can cause a buildup of plaque in blood vessels.

To limit both of these risk factors, try things like installing noise-reducing windows and wearing masks. If you can, avoid routes through heavily polluted areas and get regular exercise. If you have any questions you should speak with a doctor.