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Tips to Walk More Steps at Home

Walking is something we tend to take for granted because we do it so much. Despite that, it’s an exercise that comes with many health benefits. In fact, walking as little as 30 minutes per day can improve your heart health. And for every hour of brisk walking, your life expectancy may increase by two hours.

Some experts recommend that we walk 10,000 steps every day to enjoy the full benefits that walking brings. While that is a challenge, it’s not impossible. If you gradually take more steps each day, it’ll become easier and easier. Keep in mind that even if you aren’t taking 10,000 steps per day, you’re still getting a good workout. Here are some tips to help you get more steps in every day:

Carry a pedometer
Pedometers make taking more steps a lot easier. You can see exactly how many you’ve taken each day—seeing the counter go up will also help you stay motivated. Many smartphones nowadays are able to count steps. You can connect your activity tracker or app to your Health Tools account and track your progress in one centralized, secure place.

Clean the house
You’d be surprised how many steps you take when cleaning your house. Plus, it’s a win-win because once you’re done, you’ll have logged more steps and have a clean home.

Do yard work
Another win-win. Researchers found that those who spent more time outside were more likely to be active. Fresh air also has plenty of other benefits, like improving your mood and reducing pain.

Walk and talk
Give your friends and family a call when out getting your steps in on a walk. Talking with others can be a good distraction from the exercise, especially if you’re walking more than you’re used to.

Be inefficient
It may feel backward but try taking more trips than necessary. For example, carry the laundry up the stairs one piece of clothing at a time or fold laundry in a separate room.

Walking is an exercise that offers plenty of health benefits and can be done anywhere. As always, though, it’s important you talk with your doctor before starting a new exercise routine. The Online Health Coach can help you stick to your health goals, like walking and eating well. Standard and Basic Option members may be able to earn rewards after they achieve Online Health Coach goals.* You’ll receive $40 for each eligible goal completed, up to three, for $120 total.


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