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This or That: Which Has More Saturated Fat?

There are good fats and there are bad fats and they each affect health differently. Saturated fat is a type of fat that’s typically solid at room temperature, like butter or coconut oil. Too much can raise your cholesterol, so it’s best consumed in small quantities. The American Heart Association recommends that you shouldn’t get more than 5% to 6% of your calories from saturated fat. The following foods might surprise you with their saturated fat content!

Chicken thigh or salmon filet?

Weighing in at 3g of saturated fat per 3oz, chicken thighs actually have three times more than a serving of salmon. That’s not even counting the skin, which can add even more saturated fat. If you’re still craving chicken, try breasts instead, which only have 1g per serving.

Cheese pizza or potato chips?

This might be tough to hear, but just one slice of cheese pizza has 4.5g of saturated fat. Don’t be fooled, though—one serving of potato chips (about 15 chips) still has about a gram of saturated fat. Moderation is key.

Macadamia nuts or pork tenderloin?

Don’t go nutty with macadamia nuts! Nuts can be good for you but sometimes they have good fats and bad fats. A ¼ cup of macadamia nuts has four times as much as a dinner serving of pork tenderloin. That’s 4g of saturated fat in one serving of macadamia nuts.

Bacon or Cole slaw?

Cole slaw comes out on top this round. The traditional, mayonnaise-based, creamy kind of cole slaw has 2g of saturated fat per ½ cup serving. That’s nearly double what’s in a slice of bacon.

Coconut milk or half-and-half?

You might want to think twice about which you choose as a coffee creamer. Coconut milk has three times the fat of a cup of half-and-half. That’s a whopping 50g per cup.

If you’re looking to eat better, you can use telehealth services to speak with a registered dietician. They can evaluate your nutritional needs. You can also get resources, like personalized diet plans and shopping guides.